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Having trouble selling wine? Think your wine list is outmoded and your service staff ineffectual? Wine & Co provides extensive wine consulting services for restaurants, hotels, clubs, retailers and airlines to maximise wine sales and enhance service professionalism.


Wine Portfolio Management

What are the best wines that can be sold at our establishment? How many bottles and how comprehensive should I get? These are just some of the most common dilemmas that a manager face in the present demanding F&B industry. Wine & Co can help manage that on your behalf. Think of us as an outsourced Cellar Master that helps in making sure you have some of the best wines in the house, and yet keeping the portfolio in a manageable range that is comfortable for all.


Working within your budgets and achieving projections is what we sought after.


Cellar Design and Construction

Having done a couple of cellars locally, we have now acquired the necessary experience and technical know-how in getting the best equipment and size that best fit your expectations and budget.


This service has recently just stretched to cover overseas jobs in Indonesia and Hong Kong.


F&B Training Programme

F&B training

Wine & Co offers a series of specialised F&B training programmes in wine services aimed at bringing a wealth of knowledge, higher levels of confidence in wine serving and an enhanced perspective in food and wine for the participants.


Benefits of F&B training:

» connects service staff between wine knowledge and wine sales
» improves and evolves staff competence
» impresses guests with service staff who are knowledgeable and confident in
recommending wine from the wine list
» adds new dimensions to guests' dining and wine experience
» enhances overall service through wine serving
» ultimately, generates higher profit


F&B Training Programmes:

» Introduction to Wine (2 days)

» Foundation in Wine (6 weeks)

» Major Wine Regions in the World (10 weeks)

» WSET wine courses


For course syllabus and further information, please contact us.



Service staff

Enhance guest dining experience.
Impress with a staff who is trained to offer a suggestion that makes a big difference.


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For expert help in managing your wine-related activities, please call us at 65-65478179. Our experienced wine consultants are available to answer any questions you have and help you with your requirements.

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