10 Great Wine Families

“Fiona Morrison Thienpont has written a book from a viewpoint no other writer, as far as I know, has ever possessed: a seat at the heart of the action.” – Hugh Johnson

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“A true insider’s view of some of the greatest estates in Europe” – Hugh Johnson

“Beautifully written, with a treasure trove of personal details and Morrison’s analysis – thanks to her unique perspective – that will give these glorious wines yet one more dimension.” – Tamlyn Currin, jancisrobinson.com

“It all comes down to succession: how a family can hold together over the course of generations, continuing to build on the success of their vines and their ancestors. Wine is one of the rare businesses in which this level of international fame and internal family politics plays out over centuries—unless you consider royalty a business. So, it makes for an unusual sociological study and compelling prose.” – Joshua Greene, Wine & Spirits

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