On Bordeaux

Tales of the Unexpected from the World’s Greatest Wine Region

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When things turn out right for Bordeaux, as they frequently do, its wines are sublime. They inspire many thousands of tributes, from Samuel Pepys’ succinct reviews to the most rhapsodic of Michael Broadbent’s tasting notes – in short, over 300 years of wine writing. On Bordeaux is a collection of the best bits, from our best-loved wine writers, critics and commentators, set around 10 of the themes that make Bordeaux tick.


“Discover for yourself the full extent of this multi-layered, clear-eyed, moving and often extremely funny collection of wine stories that by turns celebrates, illuminates and renews our understanding of Bordeaux and its endless fascinating array of characters – and the contents of their cellars.” – Jane Anson

“If you want to know why Bordeaux is so much talked about, read this book from the most knowledgeable insiders and most entertaining outsiders.” – Steven Spurrier

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