Wine Tasting

Commemorative Edition

Michael Broadbent

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First published in 1968, Michael Broadbent’s Wine Tasting laid the foundations of the modern wine industry — by providing a structured approach to the business of tasting and a common vocabulary by which different wines could be compared and rated. Fifty years later, Michael’s words still ring true. Michael Broadbent’s definitive guide republished as a special Commemorative Edition with contributions from friends, colleagues and family, plus a unique insight into the author’s artistic and musical talents.

Over the years, countless students of wine, enthusiastic amateurs and writers on the subject have come to regard Wine Tasting as their ‘bible’ – as the book by which all others are benchmarked, and the one they turn to again and again for advice.


“He had added what the wine trade had lacked; a veneer of scholarship, and a dealer of genius.” – Hugh Johnson

“A must read” – Ian Harris, CEO of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust

“Reading this book for the first time, I was struck by how much the wine world has changed over the past half century, as well as by how much Broadbent still influences the way we taste and appreciate wine.” – The Washington Post

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