F&B Training Program

Wine & Co offers a series of specialised F&B training programmes in wine services aimed at bringing a wealth of knowledge, higher levels of confidence in wine serving and an enhanced perspective in food and wine for the participants.


  • Benefits of F&B training:
  • connects service staff between wine knowledge and wine sales
  • improves and evolves staff competence
  • impresses guests with service staff who are knowledgeable and confident in recommending wine from the wine list
  • adds new dimensions to guests’ dining and wine experience
  • enhances overall service through wine serving
  • ultimately, generates higher profit


F&B T F&B Training Programs:


  • Introduction to Wine (2 days)
  • Foundation in Wine (6 weeks)
  • Major Wine Regions in the World (10 weeks)
  • WSET wine courses

For course syllabus and further information, please contact us.